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Taxpayer Bill of Rights

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR) was enacted to help protect taxpayers from abuses by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to ensure that taxpayers are treated fairly and with respect in their dealings with the IRS. The TBOR was introduced by the IRS in 2014 as...

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A Summary of the US Tax History

The history of the United States tax system is a long and complicated one that has seen significant changes over the years. From the early colonial period to the present day, taxes have played an essential role in funding government operations and shaping the...

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Collection Powers of the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has various collection powers that it can use to collect on back taxes owed by taxpayers. These collection powers range from mild to severe, and it’s essential to understand them to know how to deal with the IRS effectively when you...

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Why Should You Hire a Tax Attorney When You Owe Back Taxes

If you owe a significant amount of tax debt to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), it is essential to consider seeking assistance from a tax attorney. The thought of owing back taxes can be overwhelming, and the IRS can be intimidating to deal with. However, a tax...

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