Tax Representation the Wildes Way

A boutique Minneapolis-Saint Paul tax law firm, Wildes At Law serves individual taxpayers and businesses with as much expertise and capabilities as larger tax firms–but with less financial burden and a greater capacity to serve well.

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What Kind of Tax Help Do You Need?

I need legal representation for a tax audit

Never try to negotiate with the IRS or other tax authority on your own. You need the experience and insight of the Wildes At Law tax attorneys on your side. Use our form to contact Wildes At Law before you talk to an IRS auditor.

I am being investigated for tax fraud

If the IRS or Minnesota Department of Revenue is investigating you for tax fraud or tax evasion, you need to know they already feel they have a strong case against you and a good chance of getting a conviction. You need immediate help from Wildes At Law to avoid a large fine or even a prison sentence.

The IRS is threatening to seize my assets

The IRS has authority to seize your real estate and assets with a tax lien or to freeze and seize the money in your bank accounts if you’ve failed to pay a tax debt. But, Wildes At Law will fight to defend your property from the federal government.

I need tax advice for my business in Minnesota

You are wise to consider tax implications from the beginning. Wildes At Law can help with the tax implications from formation to operations to closure.

Free Consultation

Get your hope back today with a completely confidential, no-obligation, free consultation.

Tax Representation Done the Right Way -- The Wildes Way

Tax Representation Done the Right Way—The Wildes Way

Whatever your tax problem, Wildes At Law is ready to help. Whether you’re in over your head with IRS problems, or you’re setting up a Minnesota business and want to get it right from the start, our Three Steps to Success will get you on your way the right way.

The “Wildes Way” is professional, powerful tax representation with a personal approach. Those bigger tax firms just see you as another number, but the number we care about is the amount of tax savings we can get for you. Request your free consultation today.

Get Your Hope Back

The difference between a felony conviction and freedom from prosecution? Between endless harassment or resolving your tax balance for good? Desperation or Hope…
Our Minnesota tax attorneys can make that difference for you. Contact Wildes At Law today, and get your hope back.

Helping You Hope Again

We’re about more than just winning your tax case. We will do everything in our power to get the best possible outcome for your situation, but even more importantly, Wildes At Law can help you get your hope back.

Results That Speak for Themselves

This year alone, we have saved our clients nearly three million dollars, with IRS resolutions that result in refunds or dramatic balance reductions. Our clients have saved an average of 87% on their tax debt. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your tax situation and find out how Wildes At Law can help you.

Leland M saved $311,071

Bowler, WI

IRS Resolution
June 2022

Yvonne H saved 99.79%

Cape Coral, FL

IRS Resolution
January 2022

Jerry K saved $324,355

North Mankato, MN

IRS Resolution
June 2022

Tammy C saved 99.73%

New Brighton, MN

IRS Resolution
June 2022

Our Three Steps to Success



During your free initial consultation, we will lend a sympathetic ear to your tax problems and help you understand your options. At the end of your consultation, we will give you an honest evaluation and a fair quote based on your unique situation.

“They were incredibly compassionate and empathetic.”

~Scott A., Minneapolis, MN



As we begin preparing your case strategy, we’ll help you gather all the necessary information to help ensure success. We’ll also make sure you stay informed along the way and answer whatever questions you may have.

“They offered me great service and guided me through all the process…. always available to answer any questions and provided me with the right steps.”

~Luis F., MN



The majority of our cases end successfully due to our diligence and expertise, aggressive representation and unrelenting resolve. We will fight to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

“They did in days what I could not achieve in 45 days of trying… Without their help, I have no idea how I would have sorted my issue. Thank you…. I am in your debt.”

~Chuck R., Texas


Wildes At Law is: Powerful

I owed more than $200,000 in federal payroll taxes… I ended up settling for just over $10,000. I was extremely excited about the outcome and would recommend them to anyone that has a tax issue.”

~Rory C., Saint Cloud, MN

Wildes At Law is: Personable

“I had one of the best experiences in the world… Given me my joy, voice, life back… Never been so happy about an outcome in all my life.”

~Yvonne H., Florida

Wildes At Law is: Professional

“They are great to work with! …very professional and responsive. [My attorney] was able to help me make strategic decisions to maximize tax benefits within my business.”

~Kaden M., Minnesota